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In yesterdays blog I focused on the issue of church politics. I defined it as a serious problem for a congregation both within its own life and before its community. Following yesterday’s blog it was suggested to me that I should offer a follow-up on how a church member can avoid political church entanglements. Thus, I’m offering the following responses in today’s blog. They are not mere armchair theories. Rather, the responses grow out of church experience years in which I have witnessed politics become a destructive lethal weapon. 

Here is my suggested list for avoiding divisive political actions and maneuverings in your church.

  • Refuse to become involved in developing church gossip circles 
  • Stay out of “clique” or “self-interest” groups that promote division 
  • Spend your time in Scripture, prayer, and service; refuse to listen and consort with politically oriented persons
  • Think of the outward mission of the church and not with issues of inward maintenance and management
  • Become involved in ministry and resist the senseless involvement in attending church management meetings
  • Never allow yourself to be sucked into political church causes where evil plans are designed behind closed doors
  • Cease being manipulated and in becoming a manipulator yourself of others
  • Practice grace in all relationships in place of becoming a church controller
  • Remain free of racial discrimination
  • Accept all persons and do not participate in any private or closed gatherings
  • Avoid generational separation from the rest of God’s flock. Accept all people!!

January 4, 2011 - Posted by | Church and Ministry, Church Unity, Relationships

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  1. I am thinking of situation in our church regarding gossip. Not only has it hurt feelings and ruined relationship, but it has consumed an amazing amount of time from leaders attempting to heal the hurts. Bad…all the way around…

    Comment by Matt c. | January 5, 2011 | Reply

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