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The next two Sundays will be great reminders of what holds Christians together as the church. I am referring to Palm Sunday and Resurrection Sunday. Our crucifed Lord became the living Lord. Death could not stop Him. Hold Him. Nor could death end His ultimate march to victory.

Yet, the victory march of Jesus was not simply a solo march. It becomes our victory march as well. It is a Divine victory for humanity that permits the sunshine to break through and take charge of the shadows and darkness surrounding our lives.

We are no longer victims. Those without hope. Those who face death on our doorsteps. Jesus now promises His followers, “because I live, you will live also” (John 14:19). New life has begun for us. And there will be the experience of everlasting life tomorrow. This is why Paul could pen the following words, ” … Christ died for our sins … and … was buried, and … rose again the third day” (I Corinthians 15:3-4).

“Because He lives we can face tomorrow!” We can face tomorrow ourselves. And we can enable others to face tomorrow as well. For those who’ve been delivered into the new life of Jesus possess the life changing good news that is now available to everyone. It will bring joy where despair once reigned. 

This coming blessed hope for Christians provides ample cause for developing a healthy and wholesome church in these dark days of human history. You know why? Because the bride, God’s church, is in need of being ready and in anticipation of the soon coming Groom to meet His bride.

Are you ready? Is your church ready? There is no doubt about it. The Groom will appear. Suddenly. Without warning. In great power and glory. You can rest secure on this wonderful promise. For Jesus has never made a promise He has failed to keep.

How should we be living our lives in the interim?

  • By anticipating His promised coming.
  • By waiting patiently for His return.
  • By living faithful and fruitful lives. 
  • By increasing daily in our love for one another.
  • By discipling our family and friends.
  • By helping develop a lovely bride (the church) for Him.

The best is yet to be. The very best. I pray that Palm Sunday and Resurrection Sunday will be subtle reminders to you of the glorious days that await fulfillment!!


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