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At one time Christians were troubled over secular cultures attempt to undermine Christianity. To destroy its validity. Be able to toss it out the window as a relic of the past. Now, many are troubled from an opposite side of the pendulum. For some who have been traditionally  labeled as Christians, are currently taking their own punches and swings at Christianity. 

One major example of this inside attempt to destroy the faith, as we’ve known it, is Philip Gulley. He is a Quaker minister. But Gulley has some rather radical and ever growing views of an alternate style of Christianity. This has become evident as one views several of his recent books. Gulley’s new release, and the one that presently concerns me is, “The Evolution of Faith.”

The word “evolution” frightened me initially. Most Christians do generally shake, rattle and roll, anytime they encounter that word. But Gulley isn’t on a creation tirade. You know, like, where did we come from as humans and the like? Instead, Gulley is troubled with what he views as an antiquated Christianity. A Christianity that is poisoning the minds of moderns about Christianity and the church.

“What is it Christianity is poisoning modern minds with,” you ask? You may be shocked with my answer. I say this because it about blew my socks off! Here is his position: Gulley believes that the Christian teaching about there being a hell, the presence of miracles, and even Jesus being the only way to get to God, causes those outside Christianity to resent it and to remain a considerable distance away from it.

How do we solve this dilemma? You need to pay attention to Gulley’s response: We adapt Christianity to humanity’s expectations! We need to make Christianity palatable to human interests and tastes! Highlight a Christianity that shows an interest in humanity, but scrap all the Christian teachings that have become absurd and unacceptable to moderns!

My question in response is this: How did we ever arrive at thinking that Christianity is to adapt to humanity? Adapt to humanity’s wants and expectations? I thought God sent Jesus to be humankind’s Rescuer and Savior. We are the ones who have the problem, not Christianity. Why would one ever want to believe that Christianity is the existing problem? God came in Christ to save humanity from the terrible curse and condemnation of their sin.

While I’m aware that Christianity has often become cold and indifferent to the outside world  and its needs, removing from Christianity its cardinal teachings, those teachings that address mankind’s problem with sin, becomes something clearly crazy and absurd to me.

I would agree that a number of congregations are often culturally irrelevant to many in our time. But the problem, I still advocate, is not Christianity and what it teaches. The problem is humankind’s sin and alienation from God. And through Jesus only, Mr. Gulley, will any one of us ever be able to arrive into the heavenly presence of God (see John 14:6). This is not my  conclusion. It is taught clearly in Scripture, and becomes our ultimate reason for anticipating the lasting joy God will give to each one of us!!


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