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My wife and I had an interesting experience this week. Something new. Something different. Something completely out of the ordinary for us. Something I would never have believed that we would ever do. And I seriously doubt that we will ever do it again.

But we did it. Accepted the challenge. Entered into a new life adventure. Put our lives on the line. “Do what? You put your lives on the line? Are you kidding me, Bill? Are you being serious here? Telling me the truth? Letting me in on some kind of dark dangerous pursuit of yours?”

I’m not kidding. On Tuesday Sue and I put our lives on the line. Literally. For we accepted the mandate to go ziplining with our church staff. In fact, the rest of the staff insisted that we accept the challenge with them. Can you imagine my initial response. Quite honestly, I contemplated leaving our staff retreat early. Pack our vehicle before the crack of dawn and head straight for the safety of home sweet home. But we didn’t want to appear like cowards. Non-conformists. Those who refuse to accept a challenge. So we stayed.

When we arrived at the zipline I still considered a quick escape. Racing out of town. Leaving the Buffalo River Canopy site. For the view of this high wire far above earth was frightening to say the least. But we stayed. Yes, we stayed.

Later in the morning eight of us brave souls ascended to the platform to make the leap of faith. Six times we slid across an exceptionally high wire above the land below. Can I make a confession? I was initially petrified. My wife Sue was initially horrified. Neither of us could bear looking down. And I’ve never seen a woman hug a tree so long and tightly as Sue did prior to her jump from the platform.

But once we got started the zipline was not so bad after all. It was fun. Exhilarating. Made your blood flow. And each leap became easier than the leap before. A painful experience became a fun experience. Something we didn’t want to do turned into something we were glad we did do. Why?

  • Because it was a great experience with six very special people. They helped make it fun for us.
  • Because it was an opportunity to witness God’s beautiful creation all around us from a high and lofty perspective.
  • Because it tested our willingness to trust someone. Someone specific. The Christian leaders who guided us through this zipline experience and tour.
  • Because it made us aware that being taken out of our comfort zones is really not something bad. It is something good!!

There is a message here for the church. A most important message. The message is this: We often become much to comfortable with something we are already familiar with. At different times we need to be challenged to step outside of our comfort zones, and be willing to do something that will test the authenticity of our faith and trust.

The ball is now in your court. Will you be willing to do some daring and different things in the ministry of your church? Prove it by taking that first step.


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