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The Magnificent Church     With Christmas and the New Year being just around the corner, you may be looking for that ideal gift for a family member or friend. Perhaps I can help solve your problem. I have written two books with specific ends in mind.

   The Magnificent Church has been written for those who are concerned with having a healthy church in these unhealthy times in which we live. This book grows out of my own experience in church ministry, along with considerable familiarity with the ever growing field of church health. Unhealthy congregations are in a state of existence in which they cannot progress, grow, and move ahead.

The Magnificent Life is written to assist those who are struggling with discovering direction for a meaningful and fulfilling life. It focuses attention on extraordinary living in an ordinary age. This book was written in response to specific struggles persons have brought to my attention during several years of church ministry. 

   The Magnificent Church retails for $15.99, and The Magnificent Life retails for $14.99. But you can secure either of these volumes online through Amazon at a reduced price.

The Magnificent Life

The Magnificent Life


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