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Over time congregations tend toward becoming lethargic and frozen stiff. In this condition they appear immovable. Unchangeable. They cannot seem to advance or progress. Too spiral out of their paralysis. Experience any real discernible sense of growth . Someone once told me they are best described as being, “sound asleep and frozen solid.”

The foregoing description could allow me to go on endlessly. Offer the reader tons of information and examples of the deadness of many of these congregations. And quite truthfully, many congregations are caught in the middle of this serious and discouraging dilemma.

An important question needs to be raised at this point: What important steps need to be taken for a stagnant and unhealthy congregation to become a difference making church?

The foregoing question is a crucial one. Most vital. In response, I wish to offer a few suggestions for being able to emerge out of this crisis. Notice that I emphasized suggestions. Being suggestions they need to be mobilized into life and out of the realm of being mere suggestions. Simply stated, they need to become deliberate action steps, that move a congregation beyond the mental level to experienced reality.

Here are my suggestions for taking active steps that will help bring about a difference in congregations:

  • Initially a congregation needs to become discontented with being content. Where contentment reigns there can be no attempts made toward becoming a difference making congregation.
  • It is also necessary for a congregation to maintain the connection to the timeless message of Scripture without being tied to forever following time-worn methods. In short, a congregation needs to be willing to change or alter their existing methods.
  • A third step is to have a vision and mission in clear sight that your congregation practices in every aspect of its life and ministry. This vision and mission must always be highly visible and in operation. What is seen must be consistently practiced.
  • Having a team concept is also a necessary step. Utilize the abilities/gifts of the congregation. Christianity is never a solo flight. It is a movement that involves everyone.
  • Do not lose sight of the community. Their needs. Where are they hurting? What makes the community happy? How can we become a magnet to draw them? Bring them aboard? Give them a reason to live and a reason to die.
  • Make sure you endeavor to do some things differently. Refuse to get into a rut. Keep anticipation and breath taking experiences high.
  • Stay current with the times. Step into the 21st century. Avoid the thought ~~~> “We’ve never done it that way before.” If you continue doing things the same way you will get the same results.
  • View your pastor/minister leader as a coach. If no one is directing – leading – showing the way – a congregation becomes locked in neutral. You can go nowhere without an alert voice with a compass showing the way.
  • It’s also advisable to follow the dictum ~~~~> Lead – Follow – Or get out of the way!!” Could it be possible that you are standing in the way of your congregation’s progress?
  • When you attempt small or great things with God, you need to anticipate incredible results. For God’s involvement with you will bring incredible results, when the results are viewed from the human perspective.

God is waiting to do wonderful things through your congregation. Will you give Him the necessary space? If so, then get yourself in step with HIM who only majors in doing the impossible!!


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