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Congregations that honor God possess both inward and outward eyes. Yet, this double vision eyesight is often absent in many traditional congregations today.

Why does this eyesight problem exist? Because congregations are frequently plagued by a serious blind spot. This blind spot emerges when any congregation is deeply familiar with their own people, but fail to have eyes for the needs of those outside their fellowship walls.

This serious eyesight problem is why many older congregations are unable to grow today. They are in a holding pattern. They are either plateaued, or, experiencing significant decline. They are able to see inwardly but cannot see with outward eyes.

Why again is this eyesight problem in evidence?

  • Because the majority of established congregations are mainly focused on keeping those on the inside happy. Congregational life is about the insiders and not about the outsiders.
  • Because they have fosselized into being an organized club and have closed club membership to those who are inside and with whom they already know and are officially aligned.
  • Because they have dedicated their efforts to discipling their own members, and have forfeited any thought or effort with regard to discipling those on the outside.
  • Because they’ve morphed into their own isolated religious form, and have lost sight of the biblical mandate to the nations, which includes their own community.
  • Because there are no internal leaders in their fellowship who are postured and able to help return their misguided fellowship into being a congregation that includes mission and outreach to others.
  • Because outside assistance to reverse their eyesight problem is avoided and ignored. They believe they can solve their own problems. Yet, blindness requires outside spiritual eyes to get a congregation back on target.
  • Because the problem of congregational drift places a fellowship in a rut and comfort zone that is difficult, if not impossible, to break free of.
  • Because comfort is more readily and easily embraced than any attempt to restore a congregation to its original intent and purpose.
  • Because many congregations are wrongly directed by the ancient dictum, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”
  • Because no one, not even a congregation, wishes to go through a corrective procedure with something like eyesight. For it will take considerable time and effort to correct.

Preservation of the status quo has, more often than not, replaced the biblical passion to move outward and expand. Satisfaction has taken the place of improvement. Yet, the mandate of Jesus remains. It has not changed. It’s still in operation. For Jesus has instructed: “Go … and make disciples … ” (Matthew 28:19).

Does your congregation need a lens correction??



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