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Seven Sure Fire Ways to Shrink Any Church

Healthy congregations engage in the kind of ministry that will keep them well and on track. They will nonetheless avoid those practices that will cause them to go backwards and take a downturn. What are the kinds of things that will cause a congregation to SHRINK?

  • As a church keeps doing things the same way they’ve always done them. Should a church continue in this recurring practice it will garner the same results. In short, it will get into a rut. And congregations are often guilty of falling into the trap of the seven last words of the church: “we’ve never done it that way before.”
  • As members of a church expect the church to serve them in place of being a congregation that serves the Lord and others. Christian service is always unselfish. It never settles into being happy only on the receiving end.
  • As a church focuses more on keeping numerous rules and regulations than it does on developing genuine Christian relationships. Caring and loving relationships help grow a church. Majoring on rules and regulations send a church on a downward spiral.
  • As a church assumes that those outside their walls will come to them, without recognizing the importance of making many personal invitations to attend. If these invitations aren’t made those outside won’t attend!! You can count on it!!
  • As you close your church off from the outside world. A church often becomes more concerned about its own activities than it does about seeking to draw outsiders inside their walls. When the foregoing happens, the church easily becomes a monument, monastery or morgue, more than being a movement.
  • As a church becomes a fellowship of fewer persons being involved in a congregations life. A church grows its strength and influence as more persons become involved and serve in its life. Churches need to broaden their base, and cease trying to control everything by a few persons.
  • As a church engages in ever growing gossip and negativity. When this happens a congregation becomes a slow but sure shrinking fellowship. Someone has well said that you attract more people with honey than you do with vinegar. Thus, become a “for” person, and not one who’s “against” everything!!

Now here’s the question: Are you helping SHRINK your church, or, SPREAD its influence??



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